What's included in Jaxsta Creator?

What's included in Jaxsta Creator?

As a Jaxsta Creator member you can:
  1. Claim and manage 3 Jaxsta profiles
  2. Prioritize Your Credits by highlighting the work you’re proudest of, and moving credits that aren’t quite as high priority to the back of your profile
  3. Complete 25 searches a month
  4. Create a Jaxsta One Sheet for each profile you manage
  5. Share awards and certifications digital plaques
  6. Set Credit Alerts on your work so you always know when a piece of music you’ve created or worked on has been released. You can also set Credit Alerts on other creatives, artists and releases.
  7. Set Chart Alerts on your work whether you’re the main artist or the assistant engineer, so you always know when and where your music is charting. You can also set Chart Alerts on others.
  8. Access valuable markets information from the world’s top 20 music markets
  9. Access contact details of other Jaxsta Plus members
  10. Enjoy all the Jaxsta Free benefits

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      It's still here! It just looks a little different. We've introduced a new membership structure that allows members to choose between a freemium version, Jaxsta Free, or a paid version offering world-first features for artists and music industry ...
    • How do I downgrade my subscription from Jaxsta Creator to Jaxsta Free?

      When signed in to Jaxsta, click on your initials (top right hand corner) and then go to ‘Account Settings’ and then click 'Change your Plan' tab The current plan that you're on (Creator) will be greyed out - Click on 'Sign Up Now' under the Jaxsta ...