What's included in a Jaxsta Business membership?

What's included in a Jaxsta Business membership?

For companies such as record labels, publishers, managers, and agents. Access a suite of features designed to save time, provide data-driven solutions, find revenue and build the careers of your clients

​What's included:
  1. All Creator features
  2. 2 user licenses
  3. Claim and manage 10 profiles
  4. 2 profile repertoire reports per user [Valued at US$250 each]
  5. Claim and verify your business page
  6. Parent-Child account management
  7. Search by UPC/ISRC and more
  8. Onboarding service provided
  9. Credit Amendment Program
  10. Additional profile claims available for US$14.99 per year
  11. 100 searches per month per licence

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