What labels and distributors supply Jaxsta data?

What labels and distributors supply Jaxsta data?

You can see our current Data Partners here:
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    • How can Jaxsta add value for a Data Partner?

      In many ways, but one of the main ones is visibility. Jaxsta ensures that creators’ works can be easily found, and that they will receive the credit they’re due. It will also assist them when seeking jobs and commissions, as their catalog of works ...
    • How often is Jaxsta's data updated?

       Jaxsta's data is refreshed daily.
    • How does Jaxsta create its profile pages?

      When Jaxsta receives a credit from one of our official Data Partners, a profile page is automatically created for the person to whom the credit belongs. It doesn’t matter what role they played in the creation of the music – producer, mix ...
    • Does signing up to Jaxsta give me a profile page?

      No, it doesn't. We receive our credits from our official Data Partners – record labels and distributors for now, with publishers, royalty agencies and industry associations across the globe coming soon. When Jaxsta receives a credit from one of those ...
    • Why create Jaxsta?

      When it comes to music credits, it’s important to get them right. They represent the contributions of every dedicated professional who played a part in the creation of a piece of music – not just the big stars. And while once it was possible to flip ...