This is a percentage of the revenue earned from the sale or use of a copyrighted work which is paid to the copyright owner. They can receive this in many formats including performance royalty, mechanical royalty, print royalty or synchronization.
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    • Mechanical Royalty

      This refers to earnings from works that are licensed for reproduction or copying in different formats, including the copying of works by record labels or other interested parties to sell then in physical and digital formats.
    • Performance Rights Organization (PRO)

      PRO stands for Performance Rights Organization. A PRO administers royalties from the public performances of songs. It’s a critical royalty partner for songwriters, composers, publishers, recording artists, and copyright owners. A public performance ...
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      Copyright encompasses a number of different rights which the law grants to owners of copyright works exclusively. Copyright Acts and Laws specific to each country will give songwriters and composers the right to: - reproduce your own work in material ...