Rights Management

Rights Management

Rights management is the licensing of copyright and related rights by organizations acting on behalf of rights owners.
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    • Rights Controller

      A Party who owns and/or controls rights in a Musical Work or other Creation. Creations include Musical Works, Sound Recordings and other Resources as well as Releases. Rights Controllers are, in the context of a license agreement, often referred to ...
    • Performance Rights Organization (PRO)

      PRO stands for Performance Rights Organization. A PRO administers royalties from the public performances of songs. It’s a critical royalty partner for songwriters, composers, publishers, recording artists, and copyright owners. A public performance ...
    • Interested Parties Information(IPI)

      The Interested Parties Information (IPI), previously called CAE number (CAE stands for: Composer, Author and Publisher) is an international unique identifying number assigned to each Interested Party in musical rights management. IPI numbers are ...
    • Right Holder

      ​This refers to a person or legal entity (such as the estate of a deceased copyright owner) which has exclusive rights to copyright, trademark or patent, and the related rights of producers, performers, and broadcasters.
    • Territory

      A Territory is a geographical region such as a country, group of countries or worldwide. Rights to music are often split between different territories - i.e. Record Company A has the rights to the Release for North America, Record Company B has the ...