Music publishers work with songwriters, composers and copyright owners to support their creative careers and exploit their works to maximize royalties on their behalf. When a publishing agreement is entered into between a songwriter and a publishing company, the songwriter agrees to assign their rights to the publisher with the publisher taking a share of any royalties earned in exchange for their services
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    • Sub-publisher

      A sub-publisher is appointed to administer the catalogues of an original publisher often in certain territories where the original publisher does not have their own office.
    • Copyright Owner

      This is the creator and owner of a musical work. Only the original copyright owner(s) or their Publisher can exert control over the use of their work and be paid royalties for any earnings or revenue it might generate. All copyright owners of an ...
    • Interested Parties Information(IPI)

      The Interested Parties Information (IPI), previously called CAE number (CAE stands for: Composer, Author and Publisher) is an international unique identifying number assigned to each Interested Party in musical rights management. IPI numbers are ...
    • International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI)

      International Standard Name Identifier ISNI is the ISO certified global standard number for identifying the millions of contributors to creative works and those active in their distribution. An ISNI is assigned to the public name(s) of a researcher, ...
    • Common Works Registration (CWR)

      Common Works Registration (CWR) is a standard format for the registration and revision of musical works. CWR provides a means for publishers and societies to send and receive essential information on a work or musical composition, including copyright ...