An individual who manages and oversees the sound recording and production of a musical recording.
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    • Studio Producer

      A Party who directs, and has overall creative and technical oversight of, the entire recording project and the individual recording sessions that are a part of the project. The Producer participates in and/or supervises the recording session and ...
    • Recording

      A Recording is the final mastered recording of a song, optimally identified by an ISRC. Different mixes of the same song can be assigned different ISRC codes depending on the release process. A recording can contain data such as the song title for ...
    • Awards Organization

      An awards organization is an authority dedicated to celebrating and honoring musicians, producers, recording engineers, and other recording professionals in recognition of their excellence. 
    • Music Licensing Company

      A company that is duly authorized to issue licenses for the use of Sound Recordings and music videos. Music Licensing Companies may issue licenses on behalf of phonogram producers, performers or both. Note: Music Licensing Companies were previously ...
    • Right Holder

      ​This refers to a person or legal entity (such as the estate of a deceased copyright owner) which has exclusive rights to copyright, trademark or patent, and the related rights of producers, performers, and broadcasters.