I make music, so why don't I have a profile on Jaxsta?

I make music, so why don't I have a profile on Jaxsta?

There are a few reasons why you may not have a profile on Jaxsta, even though you’ve released music.
The first reason is that your distributor may not be a Jaxsta Data Partner, meaning we haven’t entered into a relationship with them whereby they provide us with their credit data. One way to fix this is to approach your distributor and encourage them to work with Jaxsta. We are constantly adding to our list of Data Partners and would love to work with your Team.
A second reason is that some of our Data Partners aren’t yet providing us with the full credit information for their releases. Rest assured we’re working hard to rectify this and help you get credit for your work. If you know your distributor doesn’t deliver metadata, you can always contact them and request they start doing so. To find out why it’s worth doing this, keep reading!
It’s worth noting that we source credit information only from distributors that send music to the major streaming services, such as  Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 

If we are displaying information from a Data Partner you have worked with and you cannot find your profile, please click here to contact the Jaxsta Support Team
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