I have found incorrect data or missing credits. How can I correct this?

I have found incorrect data or missing credits. How can I correct this?

We are working constantly with our Data Partners to improve the quality of the data we present via Jaxsta.

At this stage, only Jaxsta Business and Jaxsta Enterprise members can submit Missing Credit or Missing Release requests.

For Jaxsta Free and Jaxsta Creator Members:
If you have credits missing from or incorrect on your profile that are not on Jaxsta, please contact the label directly and request they update their database and metadata files they send to DSPs (Digital Service Providers). They may ask for supporting documentation to complete this process.

If you have submitted a Missing Credit Request previously, these will remain lodged with the relevant distributor. We however will no longer be checking or following up with distributors about the status of these changes. Once credits are updated, they will be added to the release and to your profile. You can set a Credit Alert on your claimed profile and you will be alerted when the credit is delivered.

If you wish to enquire about the status of your missing/incorrect credit, you will need to do this directly with the label.

For Jaxsta Business and Jaxsta Enterprise Members:
To inform us that credits are missing or incorrect, please sign in to Jaxsta and head to the release or recording page where the credit is missing. On this page click “Submit Credit Revision” and complete the form.

Please note, you will be required to provide supporting documentation in order for your submission to be pass through to our data partners. This can include:
  1. Liner notes
  2. Label agreement
  3. Producer agreement
  4. Contract
  5. Invoice
  6. Tidal Credits
Our data partners do not accept evidence/screenshots from All Music, Discogs or Muso.ai.**Please Note: CDBaby, Distrokid, The Orchard and Symphonic Distribution do not allow Jaxsta to submit credit revisions to them. This will need to be done by the account holder directly**