I can’t find the Jaxsta App in AppStore or Google Play

I can’t find the Jaxsta App in AppStore or Google Play

Currently, there is no Jaxsta app available on smartphones. We've heard the calls and it is definitely something we're working to have for you in the near future!
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    • I make music, so why don't I have a profile on Jaxsta?

      There are a few reasons why you may not have a profile on Jaxsta, even though you’ve released music. The first reason is that your distributor may not be a Jaxsta Data Partner, meaning we haven’t entered into a relationship with them whereby they ...
    • My music is distributed by DistroKid, but it isn’t on Jaxsta

      For your music to be distributed to Jaxsta, you will need to enable the Discovery Pack in the “Extras” section of your release on the Distrokid platform. The Discovery Pack needs to be added to individual releases. Each time you upload an album, you ...
    • What's included in Jaxsta Creator?

      As a Jaxsta Creator member you can: Claim and manage 3 Jaxsta profiles Prioritize Your Credits by highlighting the work you’re proudest of, and moving credits that aren’t quite as high priority to the back of your profile Complete 25 searches a month ...
    • How does Jaxsta create its profile pages?

      When Jaxsta receives a credit from one of our official Data Partners, a profile page is automatically created for the person to whom the credit belongs. It doesn’t matter what role they played in the creation of the music – producer, mix ...
    • As a musician or manager, how do I deliver data to Jaxsta?

      All of our data comes from our authenticated industry partners, so right now, individuals can’t submit information directly to Jaxsta. But please contact partners@jaxsta.com and a member of our Partnerships team will be in touch.