How much does it cost to access Jaxsta’s API?

How much does it cost to access Jaxsta’s API?

Please complete the form on our API webpage or email and we will be in touch.
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    • Can Jaxsta deliver data to me via API?

      Jaxsta has developed a series of API endpoints for programatically connecting to our incredible dataset. More details on our API can be found on our website or by emailing
    • What's happened to Jaxsta Pro, Jaxsta Plus and Jaxsta Core?

      It's still here! It just looks a little different. We've introduced a new membership structure that allows members to choose between a freemium version, Jaxsta Free, or a paid version offering world-first features for artists and music industry ...
    • What's included in Jaxsta Creator?

      As a Jaxsta Creator member you can: Claim and manage 3 Jaxsta profiles Prioritize Your Credits by highlighting the work you’re proudest of, and moving credits that aren’t quite as high priority to the back of your profile Complete 25 searches a month ...
    • What's included in Jaxsta Free?

      Jaxsta Free gives you some of the great Jaxsta benefits you already enjoy: Claim and share one profile, or a profile of the creatives you represent 5 searches of the Jaxsta platform per month Customize these profiles adding bios, images and relevant ...
    • Why create Jaxsta?

      When it comes to music credits, it’s important to get them right. They represent the contributions of every dedicated professional who played a part in the creation of a piece of music – not just the big stars. And while once it was possible to flip ...