How do I add items to my Featured Catalog?

How do I add items to my Featured Catalog?

The best way to highlight particular releases is to create a featured catalog. This is a rotating carousel of single or album covers that sits at the top of your credits, ensuring that the first thing people see when they visit your page is the work you want them to see.

You might choose to include your latest releases, your best charting work, or the releases you’re proudest of. 

To create a featured catalog, ensure you are logged in and on your claimed profile. Simply click on the pin next to the release you want featured. Repeat this step to add more releases. You can change the order of your catalog by dragging each image into position.

There are two ways you can remove a release from your Featured Catalog:
  1. Hover over the image in the carousel and click on the minus symbol that appears in the top right hand corner. Or;
  2. Click on the pin in the bottom right hand corner of the credit – this is the same pin you may have clicked on to have it added to your carousel. 
If you are having issues with your Featured Catalog, please click here to contact us

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