A Contributor is a person who participated in the creation of a Work, Recording or a Release. Everyone from writers to performers to engineers and release marketing staff can be associated with Works, Recordings and Releases. An ISNI is an International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI), an identifier for uniquely identifying the public identities of contributors to media content such as books, TV programs, and newspaper articles. David Bowie playing keyboards on Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” is a contributor, not an artist in this case.
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    • Credit

      Publicly acknowledge a contributor's role in the production of (something published or broadcast)
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      The artist or band name associated with a recording or release. This can be a band, solo artist, or featured performer. Think of an artist as the person(s) that would be featured on the spine of a CD, Vinyl Record or Cassette. For example, a bass ...
    • International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI)

      International Standard Name Identifier ISNI is the ISO certified global standard number for identifying the millions of contributors to creative works and those active in their distribution. An ISNI is assigned to the public name(s) of a researcher, ...
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      A Recording is the final mastered recording of a song, optimally identified by an ISRC. Different mixes of the same song can be assigned different ISRC codes depending on the release process. A recording can contain data such as the song title for ...