Can I see if anyone else has claimed my profile?

Can I see if anyone else has claimed my profile?

Once a profile is claimed, a green tick will appear beside the profile name. This indicates someone has successfully claimed the profile.

No one will be able to see who has claimed the profile. There is one exception to this, and that is if there are multiple people who have claimed the profile. The way to see this is via the 'Edit History' when editing a bio. This means those who have claimed the same profile will be able to see who has edited the bio.

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      Make sure you're logged in and head to your claimed profile. From there, click the 'Edit' button, located under your profile name (if you cannot see this button, this could mean you are not logged in, or the claim has not been approved for this ...
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      Your data remains stored on your profile. You will be able to update that information by signing up again to Jaxsta Free
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